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Congratulations to After 8 years of coding away, 50mg Plavix, 100mg Plavix, they have finally found themselves a the forefront of news gathering blogs in Thailand. They started back when mWeb (still using blinking text guys?) and (nice front page SQL error) were throwing money around in the dot com bubble, Plavix craiglist. 250mg Plavix, Hey 2Bangkok - these stats should serve as a bit of a reward for sticking with it.

Ron Morris writes: What is In 1999 we were called a "portal." Today, 500mg Plavix, 10mg Plavix, doing the same thing, we are called a "blog." I have no doubt that in another few years time there will be a new category to place in.

What 2Bangkok does is to continue to focus on news you can't find anywhere else--politics, 200mg Plavix, 30mg Plavix, Thai mass transit, development, Plavix us, Plavix uk, and anything interesting in the Thai world.

Keep up the good work guys... but can we expect RSS feeds anytime soon?

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  • If only they got their RSS sorted out . Clearly they don’t use them. It’s the only explanation for the madness.