Adding a Thai Bank to a Thai Paypal account

Just noticed Thai banks can now be added to your Thai Paypal account (mine is in USD). This means it’s pretty easy for anyone in the world to pay you via Paypal, and pick it up with your local Thai ATM card.
If your account is a Thailand Paypal, you will have the choice for a Thai bank.A full list of Thai Banks to choose from, but they list them in Thai only for some reason.
Notice the English name of the bank on the next page, hmm. So if you want to just guess on the previous page, you can.
The transfer rates are not that hot, and each transfer below 5,000 baht costs 50 baht.
The full list of Thai banks. Transfers take 5-7 Business days. Free for 5,000.00 THB or more, 50.00 THB for 4,999.99 THB or less.

The status of my transfer is still pending. It has now been 5 days (2 business days) and the $25 sent is not yet here. Will update.

The rate Paypal gave me on Oct 20: 1 US Dollar = 36.3577 Baht
The Oanda rate on Oct 20: 1 US Dollar = 37.35247 Baht

So Paypal charges about 2.7%, around the same as withdrawing from a US credit card.

4 responses to “Adding a Thai Bank to a Thai Paypal account”

  1. Nice post! That’s one I never got around to posting – but good idea. I recently verified my paypal account by providing them with a local thai credit card that I got from “Bangkok Bank”. I believe it’s like a Visa debit card or something but has the Visa logo. Now the account is linked with my PayPal account and I can buy online at eBay and wherever one could with Paypal. Thanks for the post – helpful info for Thai’s expat community… Vern (

  2. no paypal suck i hav debit card from kasikorn n ayudhya bank n both cant b link n now paypal limit my account as some one send me usd1000 i contacted paypal n gav them all details but i still get mail fm them to get same details over n over again since 2 months ago i even ask them to close the acc but it seams that they cant even do that paypal suck

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