Award: first news source to use “Coup” and “Go-Go dancers” in the same headline

The headline writers at International Herald Tribune go for senationalist gold with the headline: “Thai soldiers take a break from the coup to watch go-go dancers ” – to bad it wasn’t really go-go dancing, and just a sad excuse for a headline. Hey IHT… THIS… is go-go dancing. More from Bangkok Pundit. Photos here and here.

Also, a nice editorial by formerUS Ambassador to Thailand, Darryl N. Johnson:

The U.S., Thailand’s formal ally and long-time friend, should urge the early restoration of democratic institutions and call for calm. The U.S. should also express regret that the new rulers resorted to unconstitutional means to overthrow an elected leader…
…The U.S. should criticize the process, but not the results.

And finally.. is the Bangkok Post, still the worst online newspaper in the world? They still don’t understand that Google will link to their story, and that they should use a Permanent Link to that story. So please, if you reference a Post story, copy the entire story, as you may never find it again.

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