Bitcoin gaining traction

With all the talk of Bitcoin gaining traction connecting with a bank and debit cards to follow, people may forget that Liberty Reserve and Webmoney have been going strong as the digital currency without borders. It seems, however, the more popular the currency gets, the more restrictions come along with using it. We can only imagine what connecting with a French bank will do to Bitcoin regulation.

If you haven’t started working with a “get paid, stay paid” digital currency, it may be time. Liberty reserve was founded in 2002 so that’s 10 years in action.  10 years is a lifetime in internet years, however that doesn’t mean they are immune from issues. The US government increasingly feels they can reach out where they please to shut down who they want.  Still the promise of a currency with out borders is too great to ignore.

If you do want to get started, is and easy place to buy liberty reserve and it’s also a liberty reserve exchange. They also do Bitcoin and several others and they support orders from Thailand. They have bank acounts in all leading Thai Banks: Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, KTB, TMB, Krungsri, CIMB, Standard Chartered Bank. That means deposit into an account at Kbank, and your cash is waiting in your LR or Bitcoin account.

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