Burma protest planning, back to the drawing board

I feel bad to say it, but it looks like we’ll be living another ten years with the military in control of Burma. Unfortunately for lack preparedness or an ability to connect to the outside world, the Burma protests fell well short of the push needed for any kind of real change. Unfortunately not enough images like this made it out of the country. Burma, maybe when your internet is restored you can read some tips, on staging an effective protest :

Have signs, lots of signs, and make them two-sided. Remember, photographs are visual things. For the most part, one group of people yelling and shaking their fists looks the same as another. So if you want your message to get across in print, you need some kind of recognizable symbol in the picture. I’m not suggesting that you should walk up to the photographer and show them your sign, but if you’re there waving it about, you want to give the media a chance to capture it. Making two-sided signs helps.

Yes.. that is signs, not umbrellas. Until the message is really captured for all the world to see, the world will never be moved to action.

Liselotte Agerlid, who is now in Thailand, said that the Burmese people now face possibly decades of repression. “The Burma revolt is over,” she added.

“The military regime won and a new generation has been violently repressed and violently denied democracy. The people in the street were young people, monks and civilians who were not participating during the 1988 revolt.

“Now the military has cracked down the revolt, and the result may very well be that the regime will enjoy another 20 years of silence, ruling by fear.” more…

Hopefully in 20 years, the protesters will be armed with cameras, signs, blogs, media outlets and outside contact ready to bring a bit more light on to their plight.

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