Buy Bitcoin with Thai Baht

Get yourself some Bitcoin with Thai Baht on

The process to buy is simple:

  1. Find a seller that is selling at a price you are willing to pay.
  2. Choose the amount of BTC you want to get or THB you want to send.
  3. Submit that amount and the seller will display their Thai Bank details.
  4. Go to that bank, deposit machine, ATM Transfer or do an online transfer of the amount you specified.
  5. Set your payment as sent.
  6. Wait for the seller to release the BTC from the LocalBitcoins escrow account.


The Bitcoin you are buying is auto deducted from the seller’s account  with no involvment from them.   Once  you iniciate a trade, that BTC is reserved for you for 90 minutes or more.   Make a deposit within that time frame.

Once you’ve got your Bitcoin, you can keep it in Local Bitcoins or send it to an online wallet like Blockchain, local wallet like MultiBit or trading account like


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