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  • Nokia Maps launches with with Santika Club

    Sporting nearly 4 year old data, Nokia’s answer to the failure of iOS6 maps gives us the opportunity to visit Club Santika, which burned down Jan 1, 2009 killing 66 people.  If you are a historian, you can find several other places that long since shuttered their doors.  Here are a few I found.  Lets see what […]

  • Choosing a VPN for Thailand

      There are more and more reasons for everyday internet users in Thailand to use a Virtual Private Network (puts all your network traffic into an encrypted tunnel, which exits at some remote sever location).  Here are some of the main ones: Access USA based content like Netflix, Pandora and Hulu Plus. Bypassing Thai censorship and their […]

  • 2010 Kawasaki ER6-N ABS Review

    If you are looking for a suitable big bike for Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, look no further than the Kawasaki ER6-n. Besides looking as good or better than anything in it’s class (SUZUKI GSR600), it’s assembled in Thailand.  As with all vehicles in Thailand that are subject to a nearly 100% tax rate, at […]

  • Honda PCX upgrades the scooter market

    Launched in September 2009 and produced locally, the streets of Thailand are starting to see more of the upscale scooter, the Honda PCX 125. Why is this significant? The price for the transport of choice for the non-car set in Thailand is a 110 or 125cc scooter with an average price tag of 50,000 Baht. […]

  • Buying a BBQ Grill in Thailand

    So you finally moved into a big enough place or far enough out of the city that you can entertain the idea of a barbecue. Congrats, however, you’ll be pleased to find that you will be paying more for fewer features.  But of course, if you’ve made it here this long, you are used to […]

  • Stem Cell donation: Private vs Public

    If you are having a baby anytime soon, you’ll be presented with the choice of extracting blood from the ambilican cord at the time of birth.  Most likely though, you’ll only be presented with the option of private cord blood banking as this is where the money is made.  Private cord banking companies will, well, […]

  • I Love Tuk La Dee

    Cheap Thai and Western food, prepared with flair right before your eyes. Best vanilla milkshakes in town and gives you that old school diner feel. Located inside select Food Land grocery stores. Oh.. and if their menu bores you… you can go into the grocery store, pick out a fresh t-bone and they’ll prepare it […]

  • DTAC Pushmail :How To

    Want Blackberry like functionality on your average phone? Check out DTAC’s PushMail at or First month is free, then it’s 30 baht per month. Pretty easy .. here’s how I did it for my Nokia 6300. Get to on your phone’s browser. (didn’t work on opera mini) Find the pushmail sign up. […]

  • Electric Motorcycles

    Thanks to the Chinese, you can now buy an Electric motorcycle in Thailand. These silent savers come in at 800 and 1200 watts. A charge of 6-8 hours gets you 70-80 km of travel. Top speed about 40 km/h. The model shown is a Vestor-b 2008 and runs 38,500 Baht. One that looks more like […]

  • Ultimate map resource guide of Bangkok

    There are a lot of great map resources for Bangkok these days. Let’s have a look at some of the best map resources for checking out Bangkok. Satellite imagery maps Google Maps – The clear winner, although sometimes annoying because place names only in Thai. Windows Live – Less resolution than Google on satellite imagery. […]