Full Moon Party Jun, 1999

As I have to move hosts, and now no longer an expat, I figured I’d throw up some photos of life in Thailand, thru the years. Better late than never…

Hat Rin

To stay in Thailand required 3-6 month visa renewals that could be had by leaving the country. Great excuses for taking a trip across country.

Here is a visa / full moon party trip to Penang Malaysia by train. The full moon party is held on Hat Rin Beach, Koh Phang Ngan in the Gulf of Thailand. You can get off the train and take the “we take care of you” ferry over to the islands.

After the party, we made it down to Penang, Malaysia via train for the needed country exit stamp and re-entry.

Nothing better than the sleeping car and freedom to hang out of the train. Here sporting the floppy disk powered Sony Mavica and JJ market second hand Birkenstocks.

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