Great article on the Royal backing of the PAD protests

From W. Scott Thompson in his opinion piece in the IHT:

And the demonstrators know that the king is plainly on their side. This time, more than 1974 and 1992, it would be trivial to say that democracy is what is at issue. It’s whether or not those others, “unworthy to bear the dust under his shoes,” as the royal inflection goes, can finally be worn out. Just wait – the king will wave his magic wand and the crisis will be over. The army – or some other appropriate delegate – will take power, and the country will find the patience to wear out the endurance of an expiring Thaksin, who in exile loses wealth and legitimacy by the day.

Thailand is paying an enormous price for this crisis, but in the end the king’s determination to ensure a legacy where his type of people will rule, and Thailand will return to rapid economic growth and the iconic smiles by which it is known – with a bit of democracy thrown in. The king’s move in the next few days will be worth watching.

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