How to avoid Google in Thai Language

Are you sick of Google showing you what they think you want to see just cause you are in Thailand? Here’s a quick fix to get the non-regional results Google would give if it didn’t try to guess where you are.

Instead of just doing your search at, enter this instead:

This little trick will get you seeing the results the rest of the world sees, and not results Google thinks you want to see cause you are in Thailand. You can also make is your start page.

Update: Take this example. Do a search for “water buffalo” at (link) and at (link). You’ll notice totally different results. Keep this in mind when you query Google for a term. There is a difference between Thai results and no region results.

3 responses to “How to avoid Google in Thai Language”

  1. Any idea on whether or not it does anything about changing your results page to Thai script? That always seems to happen to me and then you can’t even find the preferences (because the nav is in Thai) to set your prefs to English.

  2. You get the Thai script, cause Google thinks because you are in Thailand, and thus you can read Thai and you want to read some results in Thai script.

    This fix does exactly what you asked. It tells Google you want results not related to any region, and thus – you won’t get any Thai script.

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