Idle threats make big news on Slashdot

Well, whose ever bright idea it was to publish a story that Thailand was planning to sue YouTube got that whole mess Slashdotted. Comment from the site:

when you attempt to censor something, anything, you just give whatever it is free advertising

i’m glad the thais love their king. but if they are secure in their love for their king, the existence of these videos won’t mean anything to them. by freaking out at the existence of these videos, they only demonstrate insecurity on their part, and they cheapen and devalue their love for their king

same when deeply religious people freak out at some sort of sacriledge. with dignity and ignoring the sacriledge, they show the depth of their love, by turning into ravenous dogs, they only denigrate their faith, such as with devout muslims and pictures of muhammad, or devout catholics and depicitions of the virgin mary

if your faith or love is storng, idiots and childish pranks don’t move you. if it does move you, it only shows your love or faith is cheap and shallow and insecure

Lets add ICT Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom to the list of people not helping Thailand’s image.

UPDATE: Now he’s not going to sue.

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