Lingerie workers rally at US embassy (why?)

Please help me understand what the USA has to do with this:

Labour union leaders of a Thailand-based lingerie factory on Saturday insisted they would defy martial law and stage a protest outside the US embassy in Bangkok this weekend to pressure company owners into paying severance pay to 1,400 laid-off workers. Union chairwoman Duangjai Muangtong told the Bangkok Post online news service that the protest, aimed at sparking a consumer boycott of Gina Form Bra Company’s lingerie, would be held on Sunday….

Gina Form Bra is due to close by the end of October after company officials said they could no longer afford costs in Thailand and were moving operations to China.

Why are you protesting to the USA? It’s your own country of Thailand that is loosing the production race to China by not being as productive and competitive. Whose fault is that, and please tell me what it has to do with America? You should be protesting your government for poor foresight in competing with China.

Read the whole case here. And a protest call at’s two cents.

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