NFL Game Pass review in Bangkok

Tried out the Game Pass for the weekend.  Cost is $25 for the weekend.  $210 for the whole season.  Check out all their packages here.

Quality on an 8mb DSL connection from True was quite good.  There are 6 levels of quality ranging from 400 Kbps to 3000 Kpbs.  If you set the quality to auto, it will adjust the quality depending on your internet quality.  Most of the game seemed to be in the mid rage quality at about 1600 Kbps.   About once a every 10 mins there was a 1 sec pause in the action.  No worse than satellite tv reception.  I watched the output on a 46″ HD TV as a second screen from my MacBook Pro.

The game options work like a DVR with a live button, back and forward 10 seconds and a play/pause button.  You also get access to NFL network shows and Red Zone coverage on Sunday which skips around to all the best bits of the games.

Most likely you will want to watch the game Monday morning or Monday night.  Not a problem – you just select the game and it starts playing at the beginning of the broadcast.  Since the games have all the commercials, the plus side is you can skip them 10 seconds at a time. (a bit tedious).

Commercials – yeah you get all the glorious car, light beer , motor oil and insurance commercials.   This was rather novel to me as I’ve been on the torrents for so long I’d forgotten what American TV commercials looked like. You can skip past if you not watching live.

All and all a good experience, but with a price take of $150 to watch your team for the season WITH ads, I find that to be pricy.

Conclusion – Put that price at $50 for the full package and I’d likely pay.   As long as there is still offering HD games with NO commercials, I’ll likely stick with downloading games.







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