Police check point gold mine

So what happens when you get stopped at one the the police check points, and you don’t have the right bribe to offer or the right ‘friend’ to call? Police checkpoints are out in force in December. Why? This basic formula. For every drunk driver the police nab, they will get fined starting at 5,000 baht. Of that 5,000 baht, 2,500 goes to the police station making the stop. 250 Baht goes to the Federal government and 2,250 goes to the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA). So don’t be surprised if they don’t accept your bribe of 2,000 baht. They are going to to get minimum 2,500 out of you by following this simple procedure:

  1. Stop you, take your license or ID
  2. Make you take a breathalyzer – over 50 is a fail.
  3. Escort you to the police station where you will be asked your details.
  4. Escort you to a room with metal bars.
  5. Ignore you until someone posts bond of 20k on your behalf. (unless you got it in your pocket)
  6. Someone pays your 20k bail, and it is logged in triplicate, forms are filled, time passes.
  7. You are fingerprinted.
  8. You are released and allowed to drive back home.
  9. You return two days later to fill forms, wait in lines.
  10. You are sent to the court house. Forms filled, wait in lines.
  11. Seating before a judge with all other guilty parties.
  12. Payment of 5,000 baht and admittance of guilt.
  13. Receipt issued.
  14. Two days later go to the police station.
  15. Pick up check for 20k bond. Leave your license behind for 6 months.
  16. Cash check.
  17. Go back in 6 months to retrieve license.

All in all, a pretty darn reason to bribe a policeman whenever you can.

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