Tag: Bad Thai News

  • Fitness Centers 3rd, behind property and auto firms for complaints

    Looks like the high pressure sales tactics finally attracted enough attention: CPB secretary-general Niroth Chadhroenprakob said that finalising fitness centre contracts this year was its priority. During the first 10 months of last year, 297 complaints were filed about fitness club services not meeting commitments by sales representatives. “Fitness centres rank third in complaints received […]

  • Sorry no interent for you, we must go protest

    Please don’t mess with my internet… CAT Telecom labor union which earlier planned to cut the country international circuit telecommunications gateway Wednesday afternoon in support of the demonstrators demanding for the ouster of the coalition government has postponed the decision until 9am Thursday. The CAT Telecom labor union had said it would make a decision […]

  • Suan Lum Night Bazar to morph into world tallest budilding?

    I think Bangkok will miss the place if it leaves. It’s a nice place for after hours shopping and enjoying some music. It’s done well, and it will be a shame to loose it. Any tenants who refuse to leave the hugely popular night market next to Lumpini Park could face “seizure, arrest or imprisonment,” […]

  • Fat kids in Thailand, what a surprise.

    10 years ago the multi – national chains of KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut began their march across the Kingdom of Thailand in a move that most of thought was modernization and progress. 10 year later The Nation brings us this story: Thailand ranks among countries with the world’s fastest-growing number of overweight children, according […]