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  • Top 100 Blogs of Thailand

    Whatismatt compiled the first decent list of the top 100 English blogs in Thailand. A nice idea, and good way to find out who’s saying what, where. It’s only based on people who click on the list, but the fact that it is compiled, is a great start.

  • RSS feed of the Top 10 Thai Blogs

    Top 10 Thai Blogs as a single RSS feed. (As decided by me, or anyone wishing to comment.)

  • Check out this about to be banned in Thailand blog

    Trying to kill yourself? If this is your arm, seems like you might be a failure. This blog (nsfw), which won’t be visable in Thailand for much longer, seems to capture the depravity that is the seedy underbelly of Bangkok. A testiment to the life one can get caught up in if you are not […]