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  • The 2012 NFL season in Bangkok

    Last year I dabled with a new way of watching NFL games in Thailand – NFL Game Pass.  The quality was pretty good, but obviously it depends on your internet connection.  I ended up watching more DVR games rather than live games.  The live games have commercials which once you are used to watching TV without them, […]

  • Model Thai wins dance competiion

    “My aim in joining this competition isn’t just to win the lucrative prizes, but also to introduce pole dancing to people in Asean countries.” – Lili Ussaraporn Kosin, Thai winner of the Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Competition in Kuala Lumpur. More…Nice work, we are proud. But couldn’t they have found a more stable pole… the […]

  • Bangkok Drag Avenue

    I had a chance to check out Bangkok Drag Avenue up in Patum Thani (near Alpine golf course). A fun way to spend a Saturday evening. They have a quarter mile track where all classes of car can race side by side. I saw times range from 9-14 seconds. You need a car to go […]