Tag: Food

  • I Love Tuk La Dee

    Cheap Thai and Western food, prepared with flair right before your eyes. Best vanilla milkshakes in town and gives you that old school diner feel. Located inside select Food Land grocery stores. Oh.. and if their menu bores you… you can go into the grocery store, pick out a fresh t-bone and they’ll prepare it […]

  • Bangkok has another food delivery service – ChefsXP

    ChefsXP opened in December and an alternative to the other Bangkok delivery services. At the moment it is online only. 60 Baht for delivery, and prices that are the same as in the restaurant. You can order from: BOURBON ST. AMERICAN TONY ROMA’S AMERICAN HENRY J. BEAN’S AMERICAN GARAGE, THE AMERICAN LONDONER, THE BRITISH BLACK […]

  • Mama instant noodle vending machine.

    Also at Central World, Mama cup noodles vending machine. Where where these at university? Just 15 baht. It provides you the hot water as well.

  • Wanna blow 10k usd on one meal? Read on…

    Wealthy foodies can mark their calendars for Dec. 12, 2008, when top chefs from around the world will be flown to Egypt to cook a dinner in front of the ancient Pyramids of Giza, organizer Deepak Ohri said Monday. The price for dining beside the pyramids has not yet been set, but it will cost […]

  • Thai student makes edible body parts

    How’s this for a bakery idea? For when you are hungry like a cannibal. As an undergraduate art student, Kittiwat started painting portraits. He then moved to mixed media and finally dough – a natural medium for him since his family runs a bakery. Along with edible human heads crafted from dough, chocolate, raisins and […]

  • Best places to eat in Bangkok

    A while ago, I was keeping a list of the best places to eat in Bangkok on my phone so that if someone was to ask, “Hey, where should be go?” I would have a menu of choices. I think it’s a pretty good list, but feel free to add to it. Here is that […]