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  • Why Thailand may be the best place in the world to ride motorcycles

        Limited road animals.  While sad for the planet, Thailands is very low on most western road kill candidates.  No need to watch out for critters like opossums  skunks, beavers or raccoons.  While dear seem to roam north america freely, Great quality of roads. The tarmac thru out thailand is quite good, and northern areas can be quite […]

  • 2010 Kawasaki ER6-N ABS Review

    If you are looking for a suitable big bike for Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, look no further than the Kawasaki ER6-n. Besides looking as good or better than anything in it’s class (SUZUKI GSR600), it’s assembled in Thailand.  As with all vehicles in Thailand that are subject to a nearly 100% tax rate, at […]

  • Honda PCX upgrades the scooter market

    Launched in September 2009 and produced locally, the streets of Thailand are starting to see more of the upscale scooter, the Honda PCX 125. Why is this significant? The price for the transport of choice for the non-car set in Thailand is a 110 or 125cc scooter with an average price tag of 50,000 Baht. […]