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  • One good thing about not having an elected prime minister?

    At least the new prime minister doesn’t sound like an idiot speaking English like Taksin did. More on Abhisit Vejjajiva.

  • Great article on the Royal backing of the PAD protests

    From W. Scott Thompson in his opinion piece in the IHT: And the demonstrators know that the king is plainly on their side. This time, more than 1974 and 1992, it would be trivial to say that democracy is what is at issue. It’s whether or not those others, “unworthy to bear the dust under […]

  • Office staff wearing yellow down 50% today

    Yellow shirts, which used to stand for support for the revered Thai King, have now become a symbol of lawlessness and extremism – which most Thais tend to avoid. On a Mondays over the past several months, a ride on the sky train meant seeing walls of yellow. Now you might not even notice as […]

  • It’s time for action against the PAD

    The PAD (People Against Democracy) have gone to far. By their actions, they have held this country hostage. The ability to move freely, to practice religious beliefs, to support your self and your family have all been taken away by the hostage situation playing out a the airport. Their reasons for doing so now need […]

  • What Obama means to Bangkok

    Good Article on what Obama means for Thailand… It is precisely in places like Thailand that Obama will need to repair once strong, now strained bilateral alliances and reaffirm the US’s commitment to democracy and human rights in its foreign policy, both to restore America’s flagging credibility as a force for democratic good and to […]

  • Apirak stays mayor of Bangkok

    Apirak Kosayodhin, the leader of Thailand’s opposition Democrat Party, won re-election Sunday as governor of Bangkok, defeating the ruling party candidate as well as a one-time sex tycoon, exit polls showed. A Suan Dusit University exit poll showed Apirak with 52 percent of the vote, followed by Prapas with 23 percent and Chuwit with 12 […]

  • Goverment Shake up over Temple issue

    I just saw this email that has been floating around on the whole Cambodian World Heritage, temple issue. The fallout is quite drastic as Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama became the third top official in the ruling People Power Party (PPP) forced out of office in less than 48 hours. More..This email show a large Thai […]