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  • It’s over – a bike ride thru the protest zone

    Great video showing the aftermath of the Bangkok protests two days after it’s completion. Red shirts left a bit of a mess behind, but it won’t take long to get cleaned up. Thankfully the bad example, started by the PAD, of protesting till the PM steps down, won’t become a Thai habit.

  • Events of May 19th – The redshirt crackdown (video)

    The protests are over, for now. Reds, upset with the outcome, take it out on the city of Bangkok. It will take a while to wash themselves of their tarnished image. Taksin’s hope of setting foot in the country ever again, has faded. Boston Globe has some great large sized photos of the day.

  • Things have gotten worse since Thursday

    There is a good article at the Economist called No End In Sight, but I think an even better comment by Felix Qui.  Also some really great photos at CNN. Felix Qui wrote: May 16th 2010 6:43 GMT I live on Silom Road, near the blockaded area. Until Thursday evening, things were daily becoming more […]

  • Video of yesterday’s stand off

    The best video coverage of yesterday’s skirmish on Bang Na Trat road: BBC:

  • How To Video: Build your own bamboo tire barricade

    Grab a few friends, some long bamboo and used tires, and you can make your own defensive barricade. Watch how:

  • The government will win the waiting game

    Is the best solution for the government to wait it out? From a piece by Imtiaz Muqbil: In what could be an entirely new new chapter in the history of handing public protests, the Thai government has effectively stalemated the red-shirts. Far from buckling, as the red-shirts had expected, the government now believes that time […]

  • Blogger video coverage of the Red Shirt skirmish

    Some well shot video on the scene of the Red Shirt / Military skirmish from Thai blogger Thai-faq.com.

  • Tony Cheng of Al Jazera thinks he works for Fox News

    Come on. Being a tad over-dramatic don’t you think Tony? See his alarmist article here. “The people of Bangkok wake to a city scarred with the wounds of war.” “These huge uncontrollable missiles smashed everything in their path from trees to an electricity pylon, which snapped and sent sparks on to the battle raging below.” […]

  • Great article on the Royal backing of the PAD protests

    From W. Scott Thompson in his opinion piece in the IHT: And the demonstrators know that the king is plainly on their side. This time, more than 1974 and 1992, it would be trivial to say that democracy is what is at issue. It’s whether or not those others, “unworthy to bear the dust under […]

  • Chamlong Srimuang and PAD screwing more than just Thailand?

  • The Sexy Women of the PAD protests

    Yeah, I know we are all upset with the People Against Democracy, but there’s always time to look at sexy women.

  • It’s time for action against the PAD

    The PAD (People Against Democracy) have gone to far. By their actions, they have held this country hostage. The ability to move freely, to practice religious beliefs, to support your self and your family have all been taken away by the hostage situation playing out a the airport. Their reasons for doing so now need […]

  • The PAD are starting to piss me off

    The People Against Democracy (PAD) have really messed up this time. Messing with the lively hood of the country? Basically withdrawing the rights of hundreds of thousands of others to make a living or function freely? This ill-conceived disruption of one of the main roads leading to the country’s most important international airport will get […]

  • A bike ride thru PAD protest grounds

  • PAD = People Against Democracy

    as PeterS Says: The ‘D’ in PAD is one of the most funniest things I’ve read the last few years. Looks more like “People Against Democracy”

  • Stand with the Burmese Protesters via avaaz.org

    After decades of military dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising – and they need our help. Marches begun by monks and nuns snowballed, bringing hundreds of thousands to the streets. Now the crackdown has begun, but the protests are spreading…

  • SMS used as Propaganda

    Forbes says… Thailand’s military junta has resorted to sending text messages to mobile phones in the kingdom to try to persuade people not to join protest rallies, a spokesman said. ‘Thai people should adhere to the king’s speech, be calm … reasonable and respect the laws,’ said one message signed by the Council for National […]

  • “I Want My YouTube” T-Shirt

    Even though there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s time to let your friends, family, and government know how you feel with this throwback “I Want My YouTube” T-shirt. Perfectly appropriate for the current political climate. Especially one where THE MAN is trying to block your MTV YouTube fix.

  • 99 Elephants

    These guys know how to protest: Authorities are preparing to stop 99 elephants and thousands of villagers from entering Thailand’s capital to protest the possible dissolution of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s political party, the military said on Wednesday. “The authorities are trying to convince the elephant owners not to bring their animals to Bangkok. […]