Tag: Thai Bad Ideas

  • The Great Firewall of Thailand

    Yeah, like we really trust you to do this… Communications Minister Mun Patanotai said his ministry is considering spending between 100 million and 500 million baht ($2.9 million and $14.6 million) to build a gateway to monitor and block such Web sites. The ministry has received more than 1,000 complaints about Web sites that are […]

  • New cyber crime law

    If the Bangkok Post is to be believed, internet users in Thailand can expect to loose their anonymity in most cases of online surfing at internet cafes. Look at this excerpt on the new cyber crime law: The new law requires all Internet access providers to keep a log for 90 days. An access provider […]

  • Songkran dancers busted

    In the breaking news of the day, more “coyote dancers” got busted! “Police broke up the show “after a good citizen” reported that the girls were dancing while wearing few clothes, and in an arousing manner. “ With bombs going off a shopping malls, it’s good to know that ‘good citizens are on guard for […]

  • YouTube still blocked

    It seems the Thai Government is trying to figure out how to block single videos, rather than the whole site. “I don’t want to hear a lecture on free speech … I am a proponent of free speech but this is just culturally insensitive and offensive,” he said, adding that he would not block access […]

  • Thailand Blocks YouTube again!

    They did it before.. now they are doing it again…. This time at least the whole world knows about it. This blogger has to say it is not without reason. Google, do the right thing and take down the offending video! Thailand, do the right thing and don’t block a whole website cause of one […]

  • Tradional, Thai, and Topless

    In the recet debacle over the sale of nude photos to help an Aids hospice, it seems the people in charge of culture in this country have forgotten their past. Look at these comments: Prisana Pongtadsirikul, secretary-general of the National Culture Commission, said that being charity-minded was good but their deeds should also be responsible […]

  • Thailand blocks YouTube?

    Using True service and typing in www.youtube.com you are now greeted by a page telling you… no more YouTube. Censorship in Thailand has reached a new low…Not to worry, here are 9 other video sharing sites to upload your videos to. Check their reviews here: 1) Blip.tv2) VideoEgg3) Dailymotion4) YouTube 5) Veoh6) Google Video7) Grouper8) […]

  • StopDrink = StopThink

    Songkran Phakchokdi, manager of the StopDrink Network wants to raise the Thai drinking age to 20, and totally ban alcohol advertising.  In other news, he is launching a program for teens, that calls them them to enjoy Government sponsored activities only.  He is calling the program, StopThink.