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  • Great article on the Royal backing of the PAD protests

    From W. Scott Thompson in his opinion piece in the IHT: And the demonstrators know that the king is plainly on their side. This time, more than 1974 and 1992, it would be trivial to say that democracy is what is at issue. It’s whether or not those others, “unworthy to bear the dust under […]

  • Crown Property Bureau holds 3,493 acres in Bangkok

    Valued at $35 billion, the King and the Crown Property Bureau is placed at Forbes richest monarch. World’s longest-reigning monarch. His Crown PropertyBureau, through which he holds wealth, grantedunprecedented access this year, revealing vastlandholdings, including 3,493 acres in Bangkok. More… Some say it’s not an accurate report.

  • Tv in Thailand goes black and white

    Thais mourn the loss of Princess Galyani Vadhana, elder sister of revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej by broadcasting TV shows in black and white. Commercials, however, still remain in full color. The king declared a 100-day mourning period for palace officials and funerary rites began at Bangkok’s glittering Grand Palace. link

  • Learning about the King of Thailand.

    Want to learn about the King of Thailand? Look no further than Fatheroftheland.com. A nicely done and informative site. Of course it’s always worth having a look at the Wikipedia entry on KingBhumibol Adulyadej.