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  • Slashdot coverage of ProtectTheKing.net

    ProtectTheKing.net makes Slashdot: “In a move that would make the old eastern German Stasi green with envy, the Thai government has modernized a system that allows citizens to snitch on fellow citizens. ‘Internet users are being urged to show their loyalty to the king by contributing to a new website called protecttheking.net, which has been […]

  • Bangkok has another food delivery service – ChefsXP

    ChefsXP opened in December and an alternative to the other Bangkok delivery services. At the moment it is online only. 60 Baht for delivery, and prices that are the same as in the restaurant. You can order from: BOURBON ST. AMERICAN TONY ROMA’S AMERICAN HENRY J. BEAN’S AMERICAN GARAGE, THE AMERICAN LONDONER, THE BRITISH BLACK […]

  • Bangkok Networking Calendar

    Nice events calender for Bangkok. From thebrandmade.com

  • 2Bangkok.com turns 8 years old.

    Congratulations to 2Bangkok.com. After 8 years of coding away, they have finally found themselves a the forefront of news gathering blogs in Thailand. They started back when mWeb (still using blinking text guys?) and eThailand.com (nice front page SQL error) were throwing money around in the dot com bubble. Hey 2Bangkok – these stats should […]