The 2012 NFL season in Bangkok

Last year I dabled with a new way of watching NFL games in Thailand – NFL Game Pass.  The quality was pretty good, but obviously it depends on your internet connection.  I ended up watching more DVR games rather than live games.  The live games have commercials which once you are used to watching TV without them, are super annoying. The other nice thing is they can stream to your mobile iPad or iPhone.

Prices as of today are:






Of course Ten Yard Tracker is still going strong as a commercial free, watch when you feel like it alternative.    Get yourself a nice HD, comercial free copy of most games and watch without any skipping. You can also put the file on your iPad for watching on a plane.

You do have to carry a good ratio with TYT, but if you don’t want to bother, make a donation and they’ll give you some upload credits.

In order to enjoy either one of these delayed game options you need to employ a media blackout on anyone talking about about scores.  Start now informing friends and colleagues not to talk about scores on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.   Skip Facebook and screen your calls.  Turn off any sports alert apps.    Then have fun watching games on your own schedule.


Update Oct 2nd: A lot of games are showing up on Pirate Bay, so head over there as well.

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