Urban Exploration – Imperial World Lat Prao (Big C)

Having seen the defunct water park on top of the Big C Lat Prao many times on my way by, I was always curious about what was up there. Well last Sunday I got the chance.

First, a bit of background. The mall used to be called Imperial World Lat Prao, but as Big C is now it’s biggest tenant, it’s now called Big C Lat Prao. The mall has not fared so well, while it does have many shops, you can tell the mall management is not raking in the money. Many empty store fronts, and run down shops. It does have a cinema, bowling alley, climbing wall and ice rink and seems to be a good place to drop the kids off for the day. It is also a mini headquarters for Taksin’s Red Shirt movement. Want to buy a framed panoramic photo of the Red Shirt gathering at Ramkamhenag Stadium, this is the place.

After trying a few stair wells, there was an opening thru the generator room and boom in all it’s glory.. the defunct water park. Anyway have a look at the now rotting away amusement park and think Scooby Doo thoughts.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Also of interest on the Big C roof top, is this microwave dish, pointed directly at the Shinawatra Building you can see in the distance. A good way to dial into your head office.

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