4amexpat blog update

Technology Upgrade

Have a been away from blogging for a while, but haven’t been idle.  I have put up a couple of sites that while not perfect, I think make some improvements on what is out there.  The first is a Thai classifieds mashup from some of the local classifieds sites.  Rather then checking the major ones, you can check classifieds.4amexpat.com and get them all in one feed.  It also has a pretty decent free posting system, so you can sell your stuff there easily.

For news, getting all the major Thai blogs and newspapers in one place is the challenge I went for with news.4amexpat.com.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a decent way to find out what’s going on in Thailand at a glace.

Have finally converted to Worpress as well.  Been using it pretty thoroughly here in the last several months and decided it was finally good enough for my blog. I still think Blogger is a simple and powerful way to get started, but the theme and plug-in libraries of WP are just to strong to ignore.

Also been helping out with ThaiPrePaidCard.com, a way for people to top up their Thai prepaid GSM phones using Paypal.

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