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  • Nokia Maps launches with with Santika Club

    Sporting nearly 4 year old data, Nokia’s answer to the failure of iOS6 maps gives us the opportunity to visit Club Santika, which burned down Jan 1, 2009 killing 66 people.  If you are a historian, you can find several other places that long since shuttered their doors.  Here are a few I found.  Lets see what […]

  • DTAC, True, and AIS don’t think you know the iPhone4 is already here

    All three networks have dedicated their front pages to allowing you to register your interested in knowing when they will know the price, and time that they will be able to actually sell you an iPhone4.  I think anyone that interested has already made their way down to MBK to see iPhone4’s everywhere.

  • 4amexpat blog update

    Technology Upgrade Have a been away from blogging for a while, but haven’t been idle.  I have put up a couple of sites that while not perfect, I think make some improvements on what is out there.  The first is a Thai classifieds mashup from some of the local classifieds sites.  Rather then checking the […]

  • Stem Cell donation: Private vs Public

    If you are having a baby anytime soon, you’ll be presented with the choice of extracting blood from the ambilican cord at the time of birth.  Most likely though, you’ll only be presented with the option of private cord blood banking as this is where the money is made.  Private cord banking companies will, well, […]

  • Slashdot coverage of ProtectTheKing.net

    ProtectTheKing.net makes Slashdot: “In a move that would make the old eastern German Stasi green with envy, the Thai government has modernized a system that allows citizens to snitch on fellow citizens. ‘Internet users are being urged to show their loyalty to the king by contributing to a new website called protecttheking.net, which has been […]

  • SF World Cinema Fail

    SF World Cinema Fail captured by Thanh-BKK. One thing to have a virus scan, another to be infected by a worm.

  • DTAC Pushmail :How To

    Want Blackberry like functionality on your average phone? Check out DTAC’s PushMail at dtac.co.th/pushmail or smart-sync.com. First month is free, then it’s 30 baht per month. Pretty easy .. here’s how I did it for my Nokia 6300. Get to wap.dtac.co.th on your phone’s browser. (didn’t work on opera mini) Find the pushmail sign up. […]

  • 3G iPhone in Thailand for 24,500 baht (668 USD) from True

    Great news. The best multimedia phone out there right now, is now officially for sale in Thailand. If you want to buy it outright, not using the True network, it’s 24,500 baht for 8GB and 28,500 for 16GB. There is no 3G yet in Thailand, but there are plenty of True WiFi hotspots around the […]

  • Thailand way behind – in Facebook membership

    When compared to some neighbors Thailand seems to have plenty of Facebook members: But against others: Some facts: Average user has 100 friends on the site 2.6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide) More than 13 million users update their statuses at least once each day More than 2.5 million users become […]

  • The Great Firewall of Thailand

    Yeah, like we really trust you to do this… Communications Minister Mun Patanotai said his ministry is considering spending between 100 million and 500 million baht ($2.9 million and $14.6 million) to build a gateway to monitor and block such Web sites. The ministry has received more than 1,000 complaints about Web sites that are […]

  • Electric Motorcycles

    Thanks to the Chinese, you can now buy an Electric motorcycle in Thailand. These silent savers come in at 800 and 1200 watts. A charge of 6-8 hours gets you 70-80 km of travel. Top speed about 40 km/h. The model shown is a Vestor-b 2008 and runs 38,500 Baht. One that looks more like […]

  • How to avoid Google in Thai Language

    Are you sick of Google showing you what they think you want to see just cause you are in Thailand? Here’s a quick fix to get the non-regional results Google would give if it didn’t try to guess where you are. Instead of just doing your search at google.com, enter this instead: http://www.google.com/ncr This little […]

  • True WiFi hotspots for free?

    This could be some great news for Bangkokians. The BMA will give away 500,000 free WiFi cards to the public at more than 50 travel centres and leading department stores. The sites, to be available free for a year, require access cards. Anyone seen these cards yet? More.. UPDATE: Yeah too good to be true. […]

  • Thaiand Blog Watch – Yahoo Pipes Widget

  • Ultimate map resource guide of Bangkok

    There are a lot of great map resources for Bangkok these days. Let’s have a look at some of the best map resources for checking out Bangkok. Satellite imagery maps Google Maps – The clear winner, although sometimes annoying because place names only in Thai. Windows Live – Less resolution than Google on satellite imagery. […]

  • AIS to get iPhone?

    AIS is in talks to bring the iPhone, which is already sold everywhere in MBK: “We are negotiating on details, including a revenue sharing standard. Apple needs a local operator to promote iPhone,” Prattana Leelapanang, assistant vice president for AIS’s wireless business marketing, told Reuters. He gave no details of when the talks would be […]

  • Apples’s big iPhone mistake

    On a recent stroll through MBK’s 4th floor (the phone floor) you would think I was lying if I told you the iPhone HAD NOT launched in Thailand. The iPhone was everywhere. Every booth large and small is selling them for between 22-28,000 baht($650-750). Big signs are up promoting the phone in Thai language, Thai […]

  • iPhone doesn’t let you have friends from Thailand.

    Adding a contact from Thailand? Sorry, but that is not going to happen according to Apple. Thailand is not listed as a country option on the iPhone.

  • Unlocked iPhone working in Thailand as of Sept. 11

    Great news all you Thai iPhone fans. We have proof of a working unlocked iPhone in Thailand on AIS. You can order your own here. But now it looks like you will be able to unlock one yourself. These guys have the first open source unlocking software.

  • Radio Thailand News, 88FM

    Ever tune into Radio Thailand News? Ever wonder where they find their anouncers? Or how credible their new can be when they broadcast from the Public Relations Department of Thailand? Well ask them: radiothailandnews@gmail.com. It seems they now have a commercial free easy listening station at 88FM. Great for some light jazz.

  • JI Net offers VOIP via ATA for your hard phone.

    JI Net‘s VOIP promotion states calls as cheap as 1 baht, but The Nation says 2 baht/ min. Either way, what you need is a ATA (analog telephone converter) to plug in your home hard phone into. (can use your home cordless if you still have one.)JI net is selling it for 2,795 THB. Then […]