Air hostesses fighting in uniform, whats not to love?

Seems there is some lack of appreciation for this new Thai Soap. Songkram Nang Fah” or “Battle of Angels” seems to catching some flack from the Culture Ministry and unhappy employees of Thai Airways International.

Bangkok Post summarizes the plot like this:

The storyline of the three romances is much the same: the lead character is so angry and frustrated with the woman he wrongly takes to be “bad” and so rapes her in order to “punish” her.

Only when he finds out that the victim is actually good and innocent (a virgin, too) does he fall in love with her and tries to win her heart through many travails. It’s also typical that the female loves him back, disregarding the man’s anger management problem. Then it’s a happy ending.

Rape first, fall in love later… isn’t the the basis for any meaningful relationship?

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