Bored? Check out these 44 girls…

It’s that time of year again… yes… the contest you’ve been waiting for.. Miss Thailand UNIVERSE! Check out the 44 contestents. And for more juicy gossip, this blog will give you the real scoop.
“One brave girl by the name of Ginggarn (number 34 contestant) jumped off from the boat…after she splashed down confidently, she squealed that the water was deep and that she didn’t know how to swim. But she was quickly saved, before she jumped again!”

4 responses to “Bored? Check out these 44 girls…”

  1. Consider the volume of stunning looking ladies in Thaland this seems a rather (read VERY) ordinary line-up.

    Hmm let me guess, like the job interviews for Thai International and Channel 3/7 soap operas, they all go to white skinned middle class girls with (fairly) rich daddys.

    Any WHY choose 40 with the same haircut?

  2. Si-am expat (hope I got that right anyway)

    Posting here as I can’t see a way of contacting you – feel free to remove this as its off tpoic.

    I have put your link back on after seeing you added one here for me. WHY don’t you open your blog to backlinks? Especially if you are adding yours elsewhere? Its easy to do in blogspot and you would get a lot more inbounds too.

    Regards and a nice read.


    PS. the link here will go no-where as I dont have a google blog- which is another thing, you just end up with dead links which penalises you in search engnes. 🙂

    Chok Dee

  3. Thanks Andy.. Backlinks added. Starting to pay more attention to this blog, so we’ll see how it works.

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