I’am watana. I fuck you.

Passed along by a friend:

So, I get into my apartment last night and there’s a piece of paper laying on my floor that someone shoved under the door – see below.

The guy who wrote the note, Watana, is the building manager and he’s kind of a wishy-washy little idiot. Apperently after a party, a friend of mine decided to to futz with the camera when he was in the elevator, leading the building manager, one Mr Watana, to leave the following under my door on Tuesday.

you make big sin

4 responses to “I’am watana. I fuck you.”

  1. Funny but also more than a bit on the scary side considering what goes on in Thailand.

    Don’t underestimate how disturbed the quiet wishy-washy types can be.

  2. Did the same thing twice while sauced up, once at a little apartment building and once in the lifts at a primo office tower on my way to getting sacked at Baker & McKenzie International Law firm. No chance contesting that case by any means, and it is the equivalent of the Darwin awards without dying… how dumb can you get? Ha ha. Messing around with a camera while staring down its barrel.

    As for “I (unnecessary apostrophe)’am (lower case) watana. I (present simple) fuck you”, I can only ask him how often he fucks me (the “group you” losers of).

    Syntax error
    Final line

    It is a thinly girded threat and I think its premise is “if you done li thai lan you chould buk off you mudda pucker”.

    I think he is probably Thai Chinese, being a landlord (correct placement of apostrophe) ‘n all, and I feel compassion for people who think that nurturing a growth of flowing hair from a facial mole is somehow connected to good fortune, as it is linked to male virility, thus the “I fuck you”… I’ll bet he does, and for an extended period.


  3. That is the best story I’ve seen on a blog… very nice, I’ll blog it and send folks to see it from my blog.

  4. I’m with Watana on this one.
    folk like you definitely put the F in Farang; always gotta get your cheap on eh..

    “Fuck all y’all.”

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