Why Thailand may be the best place in the world to ride motorcycles

dirt bike hill



Limited road animals.  While sad for the planet, Thailands is very low on most western road kill candidates.  No need to watch out for critters like opossums  skunks, beavers or raccoons.  While dear seem to roam north america freely,

curvyroadGreat quality of roads. The tarmac thru out thailand is quite good, and northern areas can be quite quiet at times.

Open property mentality.  This applies more to hill tribe areas, but many Thai farmers don’t fully own the land they farm and have a more open mentality.  The complete opposite of a Texas “If your’re on my property I’ll shoot you” mentality.

Ease of bike rental.  Thanks to Kawasaki and now Honda and Ducati, a good range of made in Thailand bikes are not available.  Besides these 125cc scooters are rentable in any major tourist town.

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