Why we hate Thaivisa.com

Check out this heavy handed board censorship on Thaivisa.com by the almighty moderator ‘Totster‘. “You can not discuss this, and why you can not discuss this is not allowed either.”


The post was closed as per board policy with regards to topics of this nature. Unfortunately this topic tends to attract a lot of unsavory replies, and creates alot of work for the forum moderators.

The topic is not censored as the story is still there to be read, however it is closed to discussion.

I will also remind you that discussing moderation on the forum is against the forum rules, if you would like to discuss this further please PM a moderator or contact support@thaivisa.com

This topic is now closed.

Update: If you have a Thaivisa.com censorship story, please let us know.

27 responses to “Why we hate Thaivisa.com”

  1. I am seriously starting to dislike them aswell. A few of my posts were just deleted and it seems that 90% of the users think they are “Better” than everyone else.

    ps. Would you be interested in posting a few of your articles on my new site? http://www.bangkokdiaries.com

  2. The board is truly ‘idiosyncratic’, and many of the mods seem unintelligent. While advocating free speech, criticising Thais of Thaialand is against the rules. I suspect vested interests call the shots.

  3. Thai Visa is total shit, it’s for expats who don’t have a single Thai friend to ask for advice, and English teachers.

    Thai Visa are terrified of somehow upsetting one of the people they wish they knew well enough to suck up to.

    I’ve only used it ’bout three times, yet incurred three bans (admittedly, was intending to annoy).

    Any slight difference of opinion between you and a moderator = instant ban. Fucking losers. Fat bitter fools.

    Same story for Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, anything slightly sensitive results in an instant ban. Once translated the Thai newspaper’s take on that “Brit couple shot dead by cop in Kanchanburi”, pretty much a direct translation, as at the time there was still much speculation and unknown facts, result: instant ban.

    Moral of the story: Thai Visa = Shit. Don’t waste your time even signing up.

  4. Thaivisa.com is basically SunBelts forum. They’re an American company offering somewhat expensive visa options to expats.
    It is rather heavily moderated but at the same time can be a great recourse for people living in Thailand. They don’t seem to want to discuss controversional subject but in their defense it is a truly fantastic recourse.
    Visa issues in Thailand are serious and that’s clearly the focus of the site.
    I’ve lived in Thailand 5 years and have non-immigrant visa for the 4. That’s because I read info from their site 5 years year’s ago and when I went back to the UK I applied for the appropriate visa.
    Here’s another example. A few weeks ago I was thinking of buy a motorcycle and wanted to compare the Airwave with another leading model. (I forget which) there was a huge discussion about this. It really helped.
    It can be frustrating when people want to be safe and not rock the boat but its such a great source of information I can’t condemn it. Ajarn is another long standing and useful forum for expats.

  5. ThaiVisa has to have the most delete-happy moderation staff of any board I’ve been party to.

    Someone posted a message asking for a good lawyer to help them with a condo purchase, to which I replied with a simple link to a reliable and honest lawyer. My post was removed without any explanation as to why. I looked over the rules and there is no precedent in existence that would explain why my post was removed.

    This type of censorship just proves that the TV moderation staff is a totalitarian regime that cares only about their income via advertisers.

    They also have absolutely NO sense of humor – the entire lot. That’s why the entertaining member ‘Weho’ got kicked off the board.

  6. Talk about your God complex, these guys think they are Buddha’s gift to Thailand.

    The site has some good info, but the moderators are clearly (lopburi3, dr_Pat_Pong) full of themselves.

  7. ThaiVisa.com is full of arrogant prats who think they know it all. If you try to go against their “propaganda” they suspend and ban you.

    Digusting assholes the lot of them

    Pro-genocide messagea are posted DAILY to people praising the military “to smash these shit bugs” and asking to killing all protesters .
    Anybody who dares to contest them , is immediately banned and reported to the police.
    So do you wonder why so many people are disappearing (er: tortured ,killed and smashed into pieces). Simply anyone who posts even a minimal criticism to the horrible assassins in the forum asking for the massacre of dozens of millions of Thai people, are receiving continuos insults and threats by the moderators who called the police giving the IPs of these users, many of them are already dead.

  9. I have received continuos threats after criticising fellows in Thaivisa asking to the military to go to “these shit Northeastern provinces and kill all those bugs once at all,than sweep the streets and the fields from that garbage”.
    Since my mother and father in law are also been killed by the army, I told him simply Thai people are not animals and they deserve to live.
    I received an immediate ban and since than continuos death threats to my email and contacts by unknown people (surely police) asking to meet me for friendship ,asking for my address ,etc….
    I am sure those horrible assassins of Thaivisa receive a commission for every people reported to the police, they probably get an extra bonus for every innocent killed, since they are always asking for more and more killings.

  10. I totally agree… all their activities point to only one purpose, make money… and in a way that is understandable but when you’re controlling a forum in such a way… it isn’t a forum anymore in my opinion. And about the info… you’re better of getting the info yourself at the right instances instead of the Thaivisa forum. I no longer post or visit them.

  11. Up until recent times, Thaivisa wasn’t too bad if you had the ability to wade through numerous posts from idiots.

    For some reason, that site recently switched into ‘100% commercial’ mode, whereas before it was much more of a community.

    From about March 2010, a huge number of people suddenly appeared. These people mostly contributed nothing except lots of ranting & raving in the ‘News’ section. I’m sure that most of them wouldn’t know how to tie their shoelaces.
    The even stranger thing at this time was that moderation seemed to suddenly relax.

    It was almost as if Thaivisa was trying to recreate itself.

    I shall never return. The standard of posting has diminished beyond salvation & the site now seems to hinge around a dollar (Baht) value.
    I won’t even go there for advice anymore as there now appear to be far too many experts, who are quick to offer ‘short cut’ advice but do not follow through with detail. Detail no longer seems to be forthcoming from any TV members.

  12. This post has been closed right away also, fuxx them and their axx cops !

    It’s really annoying to write a reply on an old thread to see it closed by a board cop right after spending time writing a message.

    I never understood why people are so sick about old threads, but also at the same time they tell you to search info on old threads before posting again a new one, so who is stupid and unclear ?!

    IF YOU DO NOT WANT VISITORS TO RESURRECT OLD THREADS JUST CLOSE THEM AUTOMATICALLY AFTER A DELAY ! Do no let people waste their time to then close a thread where they just wrote !

    [b]And at least you should respect them because you can eat and make profit because of them ![/b]

    My own right as a customer (yes, I consider myself as a customer because without visitors who see your advertising your board closes!) is to write where I want as soon as a thread is still open, and your duty is to let the thread where i just wrote OPENED !

    Thank you for listening, and no, I am not going to accept stupid and uncleared rules !

  13. Hey, i have tried using Thaivisa. Half my topics get deleted and i get 1 month bans for the rest of them. As for the people on the site i have realised they are the foreign scum of thailand. All the shitty rapists and people crooks on the run from their home countries. They also almost all seem to be a bunch of arrogant assholes. Does anyone know a different website with the same format or any site with a decent expat population where you can talk without getting banned or bitched at?

  14. The funniest thread I saw against the ThaiVisa Mob was 1. thanking them for the wonderful work & advice that they gave out. He or she applauded them about their knowledge of the working & immigration rules & then 3. asked why if they were so knowledgeable why they were working on their retirement visas and tourist visa’s –

    I kinda think he/she was banned for life, but it proves a point -ThaiVisa.com mods are nothing short of miserable, arrogant, self indulging people that break their own rules

  15. Worst group of idiots on the internet, well maybe not but the worst expat forum for sure, even the Buddhist expats attack!

  16. I was banned from Thaivisa forum 2 days ago because they did not like my username: Troll.
    Let us hope they burn in hell soon 🙂

  17. The Thai Visa mods are mostly far-left fascists and lesbian feminists who manipulate the posts to push their own agenda. They simply delete most posts that they do not agree with personally and ban posters that write posts that conflict with their politics. Thai Visa.com is an insult to free speach.

  18. Thaivisa sucks mainly because of Metisdead who has the intelligence of a flea and obviously has no life outside Thaivisa.com. His lack of intelligence is only matched by his insecurity and ignorance. This is a guy who deletes factual posts as nonsense because he is to scared to leave Thaivisa.com for 5-minutes, for fear somebody may use bold in their post, to use Google to check a fact before deleting a post as containing nonsense.

  19. ThaiVisa is a site for old men who are too set in their ways to adapt to Thailand. Hence the non stop complaining about the country they chose to live in, but on reflection would have been much better off staying in their home countries.

  20. got banned for joking Thailand is the hub of stupidity, after many years on there, fvk them.

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