Honda PCX upgrades the scooter market

Launched in September 2009 and produced locally, the streets of Thailand are starting to see more of the upscale scooter, the Honda PCX 125. Why is this significant? The price for the transport of choice for the non-car set in Thailand is a 110 or 125cc scooter with an average price tag of 50,000 Baht. But let’s say you you’re a Thai with a bit more spending power than average, but you’re not quite able to spend 400,000 Baht for a new car. Honda’s next best option has been the Phantom, at about 87,000 Baht.  But with it’s chopper style design, it’s not a natural jump for the scooter set.

Enter the PCX 125 – a premium scooter, that still allows you to fit in with your peers, but at a price of 70,000 Baht, lets them know that you have that extra bit of class and spending power. Will Thais eat these up like they do with premium hand phones? Is this bike enough of a status upgrade to pay and extra 30k? I’ve sited enough PCX’s around town to think this is a great move by Honda to place this premium scooter just within in the reach of the masses.


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